Nicole JohnsonMy name is Nicole Johnson and I am a married mother of two wonderful boys, as well as a baby sleep coach and owner of The Baby Sleep Site™ and owner of Your Baby’s Start to Solid Foods.

When my eldest son was a baby, he had a lot of sleep problems. Sleep like a baby? Yeah, right! You had better hope you never sleep like my baby did. He would wake up every one or two hours, all night long. I had to do so much to get him through the night.

Once I helped him sleep well at night, he still needed night feedings until a year old, even though others assured me he would sleep through the night once he started solids. That just wasn’t the case for us! Over the years, I have now helped thousands of other parents with their sleep struggles and one thing remains constant: a hungry baby can’t sleep!

The more I worked with my own children and other parents, the more I realized how much solid foods impacted babies’ schedules. And, the more I realized just how confusing introducing solid foods to babies can be to new parents. The same internal clock that drives sleep, drives appetite (among other things). But, just as there are many facets of sleep, there are many facets of transitioning to solid foods.

I developed this website to answer your questions about starting your baby on solid food, and to help other parents navigate this wonderful world of solids. Your baby is unique; his journey to solid foods will be unique, too. So let’s take the journey together!