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5 Basic Baby Feeding Tools

We’ve mentioned this before, in previous articles, but let us say it again:  you don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy, state-of-the-art tools and gadgets in order to feed your baby well.  You certainly can, but it’s not a requirement.

That said, there are some basic pieces of “equipment” you’ll need in order to start feeding your baby solids.  In this article, we’ll outline those basic tools and suggest products we think are too fantastic to pass up. 🙂

5 Basic Baby Feeding Tools

  1. Good Bibs

     You may have used those little “drooler” bibs with your baby before.  You know the ones I mean — the little cotton ones, with the cute decals.  They’re adorable, but they’ll prove fairly useless as actual feeding bibs.  Instead, we recommend you get a separate set of larger, waterproof, easy-to-clean feeding bibs. 

    We like the ones that have a big pocket in the front (to catch spilled food — there’ll be lots of it!).  This one, by Baby Bjorn, is great — it’s made of soft, rubbery plastic, so it’s easy to wipe down after a meal.  And the neck closure is adjustable, ensuring a great fit.

  2. Good Spoons

      You’re going to be using your baby spoons A LOT, so it makes sense to get quality ones.  We adore these cool spoons from OXO; with their soft tips and ergonomic handles, they make feeding easier for everyone.

    Regardless of what kind of baby spoon you buy, make sure the spoons contain any plastic, the plastic itself is BPA-free. BPA is a harmful chemical contained in plastic, and it can leech into food when the plastic itself is heated.

  3. Good Dishes

      When you’re first introducing solids, you’ll just need a handful of good, plastic bowls (BPA-free, of course!)  We like these, from Gerber — they come in nice colors, and they include fitted lids, which makes food storage a snap. 

    Once your baby’s ready to try self-feeding, you may want to pick up a divided plate, like this one from OXO.  (Can you tell we like OXO?  Their whole OXO TOT line is very, very neat 🙂 )

  4. Good Seating

      As long as your baby is in a seated, upright position, you can feed her just about anywhere — in a Bumbo, in a bouncer, on your lap…  But we think you’ll probably want to get an actual highchair; it’s nice to have a dedicated seat for baby, and having that big highchair tray makes a great food-catcher! 😉

    Any highchair is sufficient, from the basic ones you can pick up at Goodwill to the pricey, high-end ones.  As long as it’s up to current safety standards, it’ll work!  We think the Tripp-Trapp is fantastic, but a simpler high-chair will do just fine, too.

    If you’re tight on space, a space-saver highchair might be the way to go.  We like this MiniSwivel Feeding Seat from The First Years; it reclines, swivels, and eventually converts to a booster seat.  Win!

  5. Good Cups

      You won’t be weaning your little one off of breastmilk or formula when you start offering solid foods; on the contrary, breastmilk and/or formula should be your baby’s primary source of nutrition for the first year.  But at some point (around 8 or 9 months, perhaps), you’ll want to think about introducing a sippy cup.  This’ll give your baby plenty of time to get used to a new way of drinking milk.  We like this NUK Silicone Spout Training Cup.

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Any baby feeding essentials you’d add to our list? Share your favorite feeding tools below!

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