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Your Baby’s Start On Solid Foods: an e-Book Bundle!


Introducing solid foods to your baby is an exciting milestone…but it can also be a source of stress for many families! We’ve worked with so many families who have unanswered questions like these about starting their babies on solids:

  • What’s the right age to start my baby on solids?
  • When’s the best time of day to start feeding my baby solid food?
  • My baby hates vegetables…what do I do?!
  • How is starting solids going to affect my baby’s sleep?
  • Is it better to buy baby food, or make my own?
  • Should I start with purees, or is baby-led weaning a better choice?

The e-Book You Need Is Finally Here!

thumbnailFortunately for you, we answer all these questions – and more – in our latest e-Book, Your Baby’s Start On Solid Food: A Comprehensive Guide. Within the pages of this e-Book, you’ll find everything you need to give your baby the healthiest start possible, including…

  • Tips on when and how to start solid foods.
  • Sample age-based feeding schedules.
  • Advice on which foods to offer when (and how much to offer).
  • Recommendations on how to spot and address food sensitivities and food allergies.
  • Step-by-step instructions on preparing your own baby food.
  • Feeding product recommendations.

Supplemental Materials for an Even Healthier Start!

But that’s not all – your e-Book bundle also comes with supplemental materials designed to help you give your baby the healthiest possible start. These bonus products provide you even more help in giving your baby a nutritious start to solid food, and are designed to give you the practical, actionable tips you need. Your supplemental materials include…

  • The Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Starting Their Babies On Solids, along with tips from a registered dietitian for avoiding these mistakes.
  • A guide to recognizing, dealing with, and preventing constipation as a result of starting solid foods.
  • A dietitian-approved guide for making and storing your own baby food.
  • A weekly meal-planning booklet, created by a registered dietician, that includes 7-day menu plans for babies age 6 months through toddlers age 13 months.

Who’s Helping You On This Journey?

NicoleBlueSweater_webNicole Johnson, co-author of Your Baby’s Start On Solid Food, is Founder and Lead Sleep Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site®. As an expert baby and toddler sleep, Nicole is the first to point out that feeding and sleep are directly connected – so connected, in fact, that she wrote this e-Book in order to ensure that parents everywhere know how to start their babies on solids in a way that won’t hinder sleep! In this e-Book, Nicole draws on her years of working with families to bring you up-to-date nutritional information and recommendations.


KellySNicole is joined by Kelly Stellato, a registered dietician and certified lactation consultant who has years of experience helping families make the best nutritional choices for their children. Kelly brings her wealth of experience and wisdom to this e-Book, outlining her top recommendations and guidelines for starting your baby on solid food.

The bottom line is simply this: your baby deserves the best, most nutritious start to eating solids foods – and our e-Book package provides exactly that.

Your Baby’s Start On Solid Foods e-Book Packaage

  • Instant download of Your Baby’s Start on Solid Foods: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Starting Solids article, by Kelly Stellato, RD
  • Guide to Treating and Preventing Constipation
  • Weekly Menu Planning Guide, by Kelly Stellato, RD
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